Species 1
Item# S1   Aer. houlletiana B/S in basket, flowers release                    very
sweet citrus scent from early morning                          till late afternoon.
Highly recommented.
Item# S2    Aer. multiflora B/S in teak wooden basket.
Item# S3     Aer. odorata LargeB/S in 6" teak wooden                           
basket, one of the sweetest scent in Aerides                       family,spring
bloomer. Available only in a large                   size, flowered before.
Item# S4     Aer. rosea  B/S, nice scent and produces
       long spray of blooms. Spring bloomer.
Item# S5    Aer. flabellata B/S in 4" basket flower in              
Item# S6     Cleisostoma arietinum (ram horn orchid)                                        rare
miniature B/S very cute, flower  in late   
       winter- spring.
Item# S7   Den. loddigessi B/S very sweet scent in basket
Item# S8    Den. gratiosissimum B/S in 4" basket flower in
      spring, sweet scent.
Item# S9    Den. thyrsiflorum B/S in 6" wooden basket.
  Blooming in spring/summer, sweet scent.
Item# S10   Den. fameri B/S in 6" basket. Blooming in                            
spring/summer. Flowers release light scent in
   the morning
Item# S11  Den. chrysotoxum B/S in 6" basket, sweet
   scent like honey. Blooming season is in
Item# S12  Den. aggregatum  B/S on tree fern,                                      
fragrant, blooming season in early spring
Item# S14  Den. lamyaiaeB/S miniature, mounted, this
   species is a challenge! slow growing plant
Item# S15  Den. fimbriatum B/S in basket.                                             
Blooming season spring/summer,                                        
Item# S16  Den. moschatum near B/S in 4" basket.                              
Blooming season spring/summer
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