In the year 2001, we have opened our greenhouse in south Clermont Florida… under 20,000 square
    feet greenhouse, nearly 100,000 plants in 5 acres land.
    We live here, and walk to work in our greenhouse everyday.

    Orchids are not only our business. They are the way of our lives
    Vandas - Ascocendas – Dendrobiums– Cattleyas – Oncidiums – Nobile and Species. Most of our
    orchids were shipped from Thailand. (From compots – blooming sized)

    We can offer our most beautiful orchids to you at home with carefully pick and well inspect.  (By

    We always insist on only beautiful and healthy varieties to our orchids, also educating people how to
    grow and keep their orchids healthy and last longer life.

    Every year we have many local visitors, local orchid clubs, master gardener clubs, school field trips
    come and toured our greenhouse. Every one left with pleased and always wanted to visit us again.
    For you, even you can not come visit our greenhouse in person. You can enjoy the photos from our

    Come and create your own paradise with us, walk in paradise like us.

    Warmest Regards
    Smiley & PK


    I have had a long-time dream of growing orchids, from when I was a six years old child growing up in Thailand.  Now
    more than 30 years later, my dream of starting growing orchid  in the land of opportunity has come true. To The United
    States of America, my second homeland, that I love and appreciate………..Thank you.
    And this is my story of how I made it, which was published in a magazine and a local newspaper.

    Lake & Sumter    STYLE                                         SOUTH LAKE PRESS
    April 2007                                                                 May 18th 2007
    By            Claudia O’Brien                                       by    Roxann Brown
    Photo by   Steve Floethe
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