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  We grow Vandaceous without baskets.

    People have asked us why we grow our vandas without baskets. As you see in the pictures. Most of
    our strap leaves are hung freely on single galvanized wire hangers.
    First....... It is cheaper to buy a wire than a basket with four ways wire.
    Second.. It save space.
    Third......The plant is cleaner. No insects, spiders, roaches or snake can make homes in there.

    getting older or bigger and start to tilt to one side. The roots are tangled up into their neighbor's
    baskets. Most of the roots were dead, lower leaves dropped which is the time to change to a bigger
    Most of the roots were dead, lower leaves dropped which is the time to change to a bigger basket.

    On a single galvanized wire hanger, you only have to extend the wire and tie the pant to the wire with
    plant ties. Plant will continue stay straight up. Occasionally we only have to trim off a few dead roots
    that can cause fungus, you can check on the trunk for any black rot and leave the healthy roots
    hanging freely without disturb or damage them. It shows such a real beauty.

    The Jumbo size vandas you just saw in the gallery are in their twenties and are still on counting.....

    Some of our customers prefer vandas in basket and do well with that. Some took all of their vandas out
    of the baskets after have seen how we grow ours. What ever work best for you just keep it that way.

    Only a few of our Vandas are in baskets. But most of what you will receive, are already
    been hung on single galvanized wire hangers (which is the way we prefer to grow ours).


     Care tips
For Vandaceous
    Water;  real wet daily, twice in summer, early morning (in the afternoon only on the

    Fertilize; every week with Peters. For the young plant we use 30-10-10 alternate
    with 20-20-20. Once the plants are matured in their fifth years (2-3 years in the flask
    and 2-3 years out of the flask).
    When it is time for them to produce flower, we use 10-30-20 alternate with 20-20-20.
    (extend to potted plant and Species)

    Light; bright light but no direct sunlight.
    Temperatures; 50-95F with good air circulations and happy owner (apply to all

    For potted plants; water thoroughly, every two-three days. Keep the mediums
    evenly moist, never drawn the plant and never let the mediums bone dry.

    For Species; mist the water at roots area three-four times a week. Fertilize twice a
    month with 20-20-20

    Super Thrive is an hormone to help promote the roots grow, keep the bloom large
    and last long. We use Super Thrive mix with fertilizer every two or three weeks.
    (Available in 2oz. us)
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NBS = Near blooming size, will flower in 2-3 years.
B/S  = Blooming size, will flower within 6 months to a year.
F/S  = flowering size ready to bloom any time soon or flowering.
Note; According to the size of the plants and rarity, all prices are subjuct to
change without notice but not after the order have been placed. We also have
more varieties that haven't been posted.

All hybrid orchids.. the colors, shapes or sizes may be different from the pictures.