Vandas 1

Item# V1   Neo. falcata x Vasco. five friendship x V. Mimi Palmer
B/S, sweet scent, very soothing.

Item# V2    V. bensonii x insignis, B/S w/sweet scent.. limited
Item# V3   Ascda. Varut Fushia x Rhy. coelestes, Blue  B/S.
Flowers release very nice sweet scent.  
Item# V4   V. insignis x tessellata B/S   Limited
Item# V5  (V. denisoniana x Mimi Palmer) x V. tessellata BS . New
   Very fragrant , some will release scent at night, some in day    
time, highly recommended, color may different from the picture.
Item# V6  V. denisoniana x V. Mimi Palmer B/S.  Hybrid      
Vandas' color may be different from the picture (yellow or dark
Item# V7   V. merillii x  V. denisoniana B/S
Very sweet scent like rootbeer. Many of the scented
hybrid Vandas  have V. denisoniana or V. merillii as a
parent, easy flowers
Item# V8   V. Mimi Palmer x V. Gold Spot B/S fragrant
Flowers are different in size, shape and form.
We                                     are surprised every day on this cross.
  Item# V9  Aer. houlletiana x Asctm. miniatum B/S fragrant.
Item# V10  V. Kultana Fragrance x Ascda. Surat Spot,
very                                        sweet scent like Thai jasmine. You'll love
this                                            one. Color and shape of flowers vary.
Smiley's most favorite!
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